Pair of Antique busts of Rousseau and Voltaire

Pair of Antique busts of Rousseau and Voltaire


A pair of Antique busts of the French philosophers Rousseau and Voltaire. Unusually although from fairly standard portraits the busts appear to be English rather than French as they usually are. The construction of the bases on which the busts stand point much more to their being English early 19th century than French although the work is very fine. They are set on square bases with a rounded and milled moulding. The waisted stem has at its narrowist point a double row of fine beading with guilloche decoration between. The stem terminates in a very fine, beautifully cast and finished moulding of stiff leaf and dart. Probably English circa 1820. 6.5 inches high by 2.75 inches square at the base ( 15.25 cm by 6.875 cm).

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