Antique English Regency pair of bronze figures of dancing gypsies on blue john a

Antique English Regency pair of bronze figures of dancing gypsies on blue john a


A Fabulous antique English Regency pair of bronze figures of dancing gypsies on very fine blue john and marble bases. The superb bases have the eight blue john sides cut from one very large piece of blue john. The bronze gypsy dancing figures undoubtedly English, are superbly modelled and cast with incredable detail but moreover with an amazing sense of movement. They are both dancing with castanets and if you look at the figures from any position they are both full of movement which is rarely found in bronze sculpture. Under the naturalistic bronze base of one of the figures are marked ( in the mould) the letters LK. The male gypsy dancer wears a ribboned hat with buttoned breeches and shoes with ribbos. He has a neckerchief tied round his neck and wears a jacket and buttoned waistcoat with a cummerband. His britches come just below the knee and are laced from the waist bown. The woman with her hair tied back tightly in a bun at the back and with flowers in her hair covering her ears. She wears a low cut bodice with decorated hem and elaborate decoration to the front with diamond shaped clasps top and bottom. She wears frilled sleeves to just above her elbows. Her skirt is a dirndle, ( ie a full skirt gatthered at the waist) also with a petticoat, both decorated at the hem. She wears dancing pumps with decorated stockings. The bases are comprised of a black Derbyshire marble bottom with white English alabaster moulding above and the same to the top of the base with fine whole cuts of Derbyshire blue john between. All the threads are original to the period and have not been replaced at any time. There is some minor nicks to the alabaster to the top of the bases but as alabaster is much softer than marble this is not surprising and nor does it detract in any way. All in all a super, rare and beautiful pair of objects. English circa 1820-30. 12 inches high by 4.625 inches square at the base ( 30 cm by 11.56 cm).

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